Pandemic bonds

The World Bank’s “pandemic bonds” are designed so investors pay in the event of an outbreak


La marche des migrants : London-bound migrant ‘solidarity’ march leaves Italian border town

Migrant activists launch march from Italy to London

La Cité de la Grande Borne

Macron’s plan for French suburbs slammed as insufficient

Jean François Corty : France doesn’t treat refugees with dignity and respect

Jean François Corty, French doctor

The European Commission proposed a total ban on some single-use plastic products

The European Commission proposed a total ban on some single-use plastic products

French coastline law

The French Metropolitan coastal areas—over 5500 km long—are zones of conflict in terms of interest and use between the environmental conservationists and the planners.

Gassama : Does a person really have to do something so extraordinary to stand a chance of becoming a citizen?

Gassama, Malian migrant saves a child.

Sergio Ramos : Spirit of the Dead

Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius suffered concussion in Champions League final.

The concussion likely occurred during a collision with Madrid’s Sergio Ramos in the 48th minute. It was only two minutes later that Real Madrid scored its first goal when Karius tried to roll the ball out to a defender, only to have Madrid striker Karim Benzema stick out his foot and redirect the throw into the net

Brompton Bicycle

Will Butler-Adams resolved to take the folding-bike company global.


Rajoy ousted over corruption scandal

Rajoy forced out as Spain’s Prime Minister in confidence vote.

Socialist chief Pedro Sanchez set to become Spain’s Prime Minister

Cinq ans avec sursis pour le bijoutier de Nice

Stephane Turk

Jeweler Nice who killed a robber sentenced to five years in prison interrupted

2018 reform of EU data protection rules

The European Union agreed to a major reform of its data protection framework in April 2016 by adopting the data protection reform package. On 25 May 2018, the new EU-wide data protection instrument, the General Data Protection Regulation, will become directly applicable, two years after its adoption and entry into force.

Zinedine Zidane steps down as Real Madrid head coach / Zidane part sur un coup de tête

Zinedine Zidane quits Real Madrid

Egyptians rage against Sergio Ramos after Mohamed Salah’s injury

Egyptian lawyer threatens Sergio Ramos with $1.67b lawsuit after Mohamed Salah injury

Ireland has voted ‘Yes’ to end the country’s ban on abortion after a historic referendum.

Irish abortion referendum: yes wins with 66.4%

Rabiot ne veut pas être coiffeur

Adrien Rabiot: France midfielder refuses to be on World Cup standby list.