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Time for France to give back looted African Art

Ivory Coast became the latest country to ask France to return works of art Wednesday, days after Paris said it was willing to hand back artefacts looted from Africa.

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Eight years ago : Pixação

Autumn 2011 : Pixação a language from São Paulo

Pixacao is native to Brazil and similar in method to tagging. It’s characterised by distinctive large letters painted in a cryptic style. It dominates public space and has created a new context for the everyday life of citizens, forcing new readings upon them.


The relocation of the Abu Simbel temples

In 1964, one of the world’s largest and most spectacular dismantling and reassembly projects was begun in Egypt. To rescue the ancient temples in Abu Simbel from the waters of the Nile, the temples had to be relocated.

Seven years ago : Ai Wei Wei released from detention

August 2011 – Wei Wei : ‘ I’m fine, I’m on bail, please understand ‘

9 years ago : How internet killed photojournalism – Gamma goes bankrupt

Summer 2008 : Gamma French photography agency disappears.

Among photographers who worked for Gamma :

Jean-Louis Atlan, Patrick Aventurier, Hélène Bamberger, Jean-Pierre Bonnotte, Giancarlo Botti, Eric Bouvet, Henri Bureau, Jack Burlot, David Burnett, Gilles Caron, Patrick Chapuis, Georges De Keerle, Françoise Demulder, Raymond Depardon, Marc Deville, Alexis Duclos, Michel Folco, Jean-Claude Francolon, Raphaël Gaillarde, Yves Gellie, Gianni Giansanti, Chip Hires, Barry Iverson, David Kennerly, Peter Knapp, Kaku Kurita, Jean-Claude Labbé, Jean-Pierre Laffont, Bertrand Laforêt, Jean-Jacques Lapeyronnie, Michel Laurent, François Lochon, Michel Maïofiss, Pascal Maitre, Yves Manciet, Olivier Martel, Georges Mérillon, Pierre Perrin, Jean-Pierre Rey, Sebastiao Salgado, Erik Sampers, Eric Sander, Christian Simonpietri, Laurent Sola, Gilbert Uzan, Laurent Van Der Stockt, Diana Walker.

JayZ and Beyonce channel african film ‘TOUKI BOUKI’ for commercial campaign (without mentioning it)

A qui appartiennent les images ?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art says it will not remove a painting of a young girl by Balthus, that has been targeted by an online petition.

“Thérèse Dreaming” (1938) by Balthus.
“The Met is romanticizing voyeurism and the objectification of children” .The petition’s author, Mia Merrill, suggested that the painting be replaced by a painting by a female painter from the same time period as Balthus.