In some US states, nearly one in three Amazon workers are on food stamps

Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill designed to force companies such as Amazon to pay their workers higher wages


JM Blanquer : neoliberalism and education reform

The neoliberal imaginary of globalization has re-cast the purposes and governance of education.

Néolibéralism and education

18 years ago : Strauss-kahn and Jacqueline Franjou

E00-strauss khan et franjou


August 2000 : Jacqueline Franjou put under examination.

7 years ago – Wealthy people want to pay more taxes

August 2011 – wealthy people want to pay more taxes

Christophe Robert, delegate general of the Abbé Pierre foundation

Over the last 20 years the housing crisis in France has affected more and more families and left thousands more living in the streets.

Brompton Bicycle

Will Butler-Adams resolved to take the folding-bike company global.


‘Café lumière’ in Madagascar

Led by Electricians without Borders (ESF) in partnership with GRET and Positive Planet, this project aims to build six solar platforms in villages in the region of Vakinankaratra, to provide services to approximately 20,000 people.


h18-crypto monnaies



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100 cryptocurrencies described in four words or less




France sues Amazon for abuse of position in the marketplace

The Ministry of the Economy has sued the American giant Amazon, accusing it of abusing its power to impose too restrictive commercial clauses to companies selling on its platform in France.

Notre Dame des Landes : France shelves controversial Nantes airport project

France abandons plan for €580m airport and orders squatters off site

Seven landscapes – 4 – Trump nominates economics professor to US Federal Reserve board

A17-reserve federale


The choice of Mr. Goodfriend is a victory for conservatives.–

Seven landscapes – 1 – Glyphosate wins new five-year lease in Europe

A17- glyphosate

Seven landscapes – 1 – Glyphosate wins new five-year lease in Europe





Paul François, poisoned by Monsanto

Paul Francois, farmer poisoned by herbicide Lasso is suffering neurological problems.

Global meat consumption


The global demand for meat is growing, particularly in China and India, which could see an 80% boom in the meat sector by 2022 due to a new (and growing) middle class.

"Catering for this growing demand means industrialized farming methods: Animals are pumped full of growth hormones. This has terrible consequences on how animals are treated and on the health of consumers." Barbara Unmuessig, Henrich Boell foundation,meat atlas

Martin Shkreli : ‘prison life isn’t that bad’

A17-martin shkreli


Shkreli gained notoriety in 2015 when his company obtained a manufacturing license for an anti-parasitic drug and raised the price dramatically, leading to him to be known as “the most hated man in America”.









North Korean diplomats implicated in illegal rhino horn trade

North Korea's shadowy role in the illegal wildlife trade

The quality of air in Paris

Will limiting traffic access to Paris improve air quality ?

Hero to the rich’: Macron cuts taxes for France’s most wealthy in first budget

Macron accused of fighting for the Rich

The future of Alstom

Siemens is in talks to merge its rail business with that of either Alstom or Bombardier

La remise en cause du droit du travail en France

Macron’s attack on the labour code .