Muriel Pénicaud and Marlène Schiappa

French Labour Minister Muriel Pénicaud and French Junior Minister for Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa


Rabiot ne veut pas être coiffeur

Adrien Rabiot: France midfielder refuses to be on World Cup standby list.

Emmanuel Macron faces a wave of strikes and protests in France

The government’s migration plans have triggered disquiet in its ranks.

A lawmaker from Macron’s party, Sonia Krimi, has accused the government of “playing with people’s fears” with its migration reform. “Not all foreigners in France are terrorists, not all foreigners cheat with social welfare,” she said in a parliamentary debate.

Tarnac : Leftwing ‘anarchist terror cell’ is fiction, French judges rule

Group known as Tarnac Nine cleared of sabotage plot after 10-year investigation and two-week trial

The trial of Tarnac

Police officers walk in the streets of Tarnac on 11 November 2008.

Julien Coupat, his ex-wife Yildune Levy and two others are facing conspiracy charges, while two others are being charged with falsifying or receiving stolen documents

Pascale Ogier

Pascale Ogier

Revu ‘Les nuits de la pleine lune’ de Rohmer sur Arte.

Pas pris une ride même la deco pourrait être contemporaine- le seul marqueur temporel est que le RER A semble bien marcher.


même s’il émane de Pascale Ogier

une grâce certaine, sa voix haut-perchée et plaintive a fini par me taper sur le système.

Elle a un très joli corps gracile avec lequel elle est très à l’aise. Et c’est une excellente actrice .

Tchéky Kario reste un mystère pour moi. Joue-t il faux ? Ses émotions ne sont pas ou mal retraduites verbalement.

Luchini en mode harceleur egomaniaque est magnifique.

Le film ne dit pas grand chose de l’époque, c’est un brillant marivaudage, hors sol ( où est Paris ? ) hors temps, et qui fait mine de ne reconnaître comme seule influence que celle du cosmos et de ses planètes.

Heroic French officer Arnaud Beltrame dies after switching himself for hostage in France supermarket

Arnaud Beltrame

Trèbes Super U terror attack

Radouane Lakdim, who authorities have named as the 26-year-old attacker responsible for the death of at least three people in southwest France.

Le Grand Paris

H18-grand paris


The 38.5 billion euro ($47.89 billion) ‘Grand Paris Express’ development, one of Europe’s biggest infrastructure projects, involves building 200 km (124 miles) of track and 68 stations, and will be key to linking transport hubs and Olympic sites.

Degrading treatment in the public  psychiatric hospital of Saint Etienne, France. 

Abuse of seclusion, restraint, deprivation of freedom in a French psychiatric hospital (Saint Etienne)

Corsican nationalists 

For France, a centralized state with a single, national identity and only one official language, Corsica’s demand for more autonomy is a challenge.

Gerald Darmanin

H18-gerald darmanin


Rape charges against Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin dropped.
Earlier this week, French newspaper Le Point reported that a second woman had accused Darmanin of using his former political position to extract sexual favors. The allegations date to the minister’s time as mayor of the northern French city Tourcoing from 2014 to 2017.





The arrest of Théo Luhaka in Aulnay-sous-bois

New video show arrest of Théo Luhaka.

French police are regularly accused of using excessive force in poorer neighbourhoods, and particularly against black and minority ethnic suspects.

Tariq Ramadan jailed in Paris after being charged with rape

Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan, denies the rape charges and has filed a suit claiming false allegations.