Gilets jaunes and papiers collés

Gilets jaunes and papiers collés : Georges Braque

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Facebook among firms named on Myanmar human rights ‘dirty list’

The Burma Campaign UK (BCU) has “named and shamed” 49 international companies it accuses of having links to the Burmese military, which is blamed for widespread human abuses against the Rohingya minority, a largely Muslim ethnic group.

Le journal du peintre

Les tableaux du peintre

Painting news project


Time for France to give back looted African Art

Ivory Coast became the latest country to ask France to return works of art Wednesday, days after Paris said it was willing to hand back artefacts looted from Africa.

France 24

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Le journal du peintre

Les tableaux du peintre

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ประเทศกูมี, Rap against dictatorship,





ส่วนเพลง แร็ป “ประเทศกูมี” ของกลุ่มศิลปิน RAP AGAINST DICTATORSHIP ที่เผยแพร่ตั้งแต่ปลายเดือน ต.ค.ที่ผ่านมา ล่าสุดมีผู้เข้าชมกว่า 29 ล้านครั้ง ยอดไลค์ 942,000 ไม่ชอบ 25,000

ขณะที่ในโลกออนไลน์ได้มีการนำเพลงแร็ป Thailand 4.0 กับเพลงแร็ปประเทศกูมี ขึ้นมาประกบคู่กัน โดยมองว่า เพลงแร็ป “Thailand 4.0” เป็นการแก้ลำของภาครัฐ ที่นำเอาสิ่งดีๆ เกิดขึ้นในประเทศมาเล่า.

Mimi Marchand

El arma secreta de los Macron : una ‘paparazzi’ en el elíseo.

Michele Marchand — nicknamed Mimi — the head of Bestimage, one of the country’s most powerful paparazzi photo agencies.

France : national bioethics debate

French bioethics body backs IVF for all women who want children

Melania Trump in Africa

Originally worn in 19th century by explorers, the pith helmet has become symbol of colonial rule.

Cameroon elections – President Paul Biya seeks seventh term

Cameroon opposition forms coalition ahead of polls

Manuel Valls launches bid to become Barcelona mayor

Manuel Valls and her mother

After his election ban, Lula remains the most popular politician in Brazil

Former Sao Paulo Mayor Fernando Haddad will take Lula’s place on the October 7 ballot.

Kim Jong Un wants to meet with President Trump again, says South Korean President Moon

Kim and Moon

JM Blanquer : neoliberalism and education reform

The neoliberal imaginary of globalization has re-cast the purposes and governance of education.

Néolibéralism and education

18 years ago : Jose Bové sentenced to jail

E00-proces jose bové

September 2000 : José Bové, french farmer sentenced to jail, for attack on McDonald’s.



Corbyn has admitted the party has a ‘real problem’ with anti-Semitism

Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have been rocked by anti-Semitism scandals.

9 years ago : Silvio Berlusconi and Patrizia d’Addario

Summer 2009 : New audio tapes put Silvio Berlusconi sex allegations back in spotlight

Chemnitz : Right-wing mob wreaks havoc on German city

Hitler salutes and fireworks as weapons: Right-wing violence rocks Chemnitz.

18 years ago : Strauss-kahn and Jacqueline Franjou

E00-strauss khan et franjou


August 2000 : Jacqueline Franjou put under examination.

7 years ago Bernard Tapie and Christine Lagarde.

Seven years ago / Christine Lagarde under investigation over role in payments to Bernard Tapie

US president under fire after backing Kremlin at joint press conference with Russian leader

Trump beholden tu Putin ?

Le fort de Brégançon

Emmanuel Macron wants to turn the old Riviera fort of Brégançon into a Gallic Camp.

He wants a swimming pool to avoid paparazzi.

The estimated €15,000 cost will come from the retreat’s €150,000 annual maintenance budget.