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Paul Biya




Abbas, Bettencourt, Bluray, Madonna, primaires, Hayek, croissant, Banon, Michel Serres, Hélène de Yougoslovie, Kadirov, Lego, Dior, Wall street….

A painter’s diary / le journal d’un peintre

Summer 2011

I am a painter and this is my diary made of paintings and sometimes words.
I will publish paintings related to the actuality. I use photos published in the press. Above you can see actuality related paintings of summer 2011 ( Anders Breivik, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Roman Opalka …)
Each season I change the color of the painting but not the size. I do that since 1995 and I’ve published in my blogger blog
You can also see other paintings in my site

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