Autumn 2011, last autumn paintings : Tk bremen; chirac; la night; out of Iraq; foreign students; pictoplasma

TK Bremen

Chirac convicted in corruption trial

la Night: new french idiom

Out of Iraq

Foreign students threatened with expulsion


Father and daughter,Fire in the isle of Reunion,atheist,french court convicts Church of scientology of fraud, Agri-dating,Mexican horseman,tibet : nun sets herself on fire, wikileaks releases “spy flies”, Christa Wolf,bombing civilians in south Kordofan, (Sudan),Polls in Morocco

Father and daughter

Fire in the isle of Reunion


french court convicts Church of scientology of fraud


Mexican horseman

tibet : nun sets herself on fire

wikileaks releases “spy flies”

Christa Wolf

bombing civilians in south Kordofan, (Sudan)

Polls in Morocco

Ghannouchi, Carlton, Papandreou, De Villiers, Dumdum girls, the death of Gaddafi, Bangkok flooding, Air France strike











Laurent de Villiers





The Dumdum girls



Carlton Hotel in Lille





Joseph Losey





Bangkok flooding




Air France strike october 2011





the death of Gaddafi



Abbas, Bettencourt, Bluray, Madonna, primaires, Hayek, croissant, Banon, Michel Serres, Hélène de Yougoslovie, Kadirov, Lego, Dior, Wall street….

A painter’s diary / le journal d’un peintre

Summer 2011

I am a painter and this is my diary made of paintings and sometimes words.
I will publish paintings related to the actuality. I use photos published in the press. Above you can see actuality related paintings of summer 2011 ( Anders Breivik, Steve Jobs, Amy Winehouse, Roman Opalka …)
Each season I change the color of the painting but not the size. I do that since 1995 and I’ve published in my blogger blog
You can also see other paintings in my site

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