In some US states, nearly one in three Amazon workers are on food stamps

Bernie Sanders has introduced a bill designed to force companies such as Amazon to pay their workers higher wages


JM Blanquer : neoliberalism and education reform

The neoliberal imaginary of globalization has re-cast the purposes and governance of education.

Néolibéralism and education

McDonald’s workers strike over sexual harassment

McDonald’s workers in 10 cities strike over sexual harassment.

Fan Bing Bing missing ?

The sudden disappearance from public view and social media of China’s highest-paid actress has fueled speculation ranging from rumors of her arrest to reports that she has fled to Los Angeles seeking asylum.

Bing bing missing

17 years ago : the September 11 attacks

9/11 : ‘The Falling Man’ taken by Associated Press photographer Richard Drew during the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. The man in the picture has never been identified, however it is highly speculated it is J. Briley who worked in the north tower.

Corbyn has admitted the party has a ‘real problem’ with anti-Semitism

Labour and its leader Jeremy Corbyn have been rocked by anti-Semitism scandals.

9 years ago : fear of the Falun Gong

Beijing’s propaganda campaign against the group — banned outright in China in 1999 but still active in Hong Kong and Taiwan — is still going strong.

7 years ago : Nafissatou Dialo

2011 : Hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo accuses IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault

Map of the oceans (4 x)

Oceans in peril

8 years ago : Sakineh Ashtiani

Summer 2010 : international campaign for Ashtiani’s release ,woman sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.

Disabled still face hurdles in job market

In developing countries, 80% to 90% of persons with disabilities of working age are unemployed, whereas in industrialized countries the figure is between 50% and 70%.

23 years ago : Oscar Temaru against nuclear tests in French Polynesia

Summer 1995 – Oscar Temaru : ‘ Our aim is to get our freedom from this colonial power and nuclear power. They are linked. ‘

Arrest in South Africa

Police in South Africa struggle to gain trust after Apartheid

Chemnitz : Right-wing mob wreaks havoc on German city

Hitler salutes and fireworks as weapons: Right-wing violence rocks Chemnitz.

Five charged with murdering transgender sex worker, Vanessa Campos who was reportedly trying to stop a robbery

Vanessa Campos

News on Internet : Esra al Ghamgham

Two contradictory informations on internet

Kerala floods: Toll rises to 12; over 34,000 people shifted to relief camps in Thiruvananthapuram

India to ‘politely’ reject foreign aid for Kerala flooding crisis

8 years ago : antibiotic resistant bacteria

August 2010 : World Health Organisation urges countries to take measures to combat antimicrobial resistance

7 years ago : Somalia’s famine reaches into Mogadishu

The UN first declared a famine in July 2011 in Somalia’s Southern Bakool and Lower Shabelle.

Somalia’s famine killed 260 000 people.

Soldiers (from the army of Cameroon ?) slaughter women and children.

Soldiers slaughter women and children in north Cameroon

Asia Argento accused of sexual assault

#MeToo activist Asia Argento reportedly paid off young actor who accused her of sexual assault

Does BNP Paribas have a problem with sexual harassment?

E18-BNP paris bas er le harcelement sexuel


Young French banker’s claims of outrageous harassment at BNP Paribas

US president under fire after backing Kremlin at joint press conference with Russian leader

Trump beholden tu Putin ?