Niels Hoegel, German nurse serial killer

German nurse Niels Hoegel is on trial for at least 99 murders, having already been jailed for six, which would make him among the worst serial killers in recent history.

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German Catholic priests abused thousands of children

Germany: more than 3,600 children sexually abused within the Church

Chemnitz : Right-wing mob wreaks havoc on German city

Hitler salutes and fireworks as weapons: Right-wing violence rocks Chemnitz.

Deutscher Herbst

On September 5th 1977 left-wing insurgent group, the red army fraction kidnapped industrialist Hanns Martin Schleyer. The abduction kicked off “the German Autumn” – six weeks of hostage-taking, murder and intrigue.
It ended on 18 October, with the death of the leading figures of the first generation of the RAF in their prison cells, and the death of Schleyer.