Contemporary art and social networks

Casey Jenkins responds to angry internet comments on her ‘vagina knitting performance’.

Casey Jenkins : vagina knitting performance

Le journal du peintre

Les tableaux du peintre

Painting news project 



9 years ago : How internet killed photojournalism – Gamma goes bankrupt

Summer 2008 : Gamma French photography agency disappears.

Among photographers who worked for Gamma :

Jean-Louis Atlan, Patrick Aventurier, Hélène Bamberger, Jean-Pierre Bonnotte, Giancarlo Botti, Eric Bouvet, Henri Bureau, Jack Burlot, David Burnett, Gilles Caron, Patrick Chapuis, Georges De Keerle, Françoise Demulder, Raymond Depardon, Marc Deville, Alexis Duclos, Michel Folco, Jean-Claude Francolon, Raphaël Gaillarde, Yves Gellie, Gianni Giansanti, Chip Hires, Barry Iverson, David Kennerly, Peter Knapp, Kaku Kurita, Jean-Claude Labbé, Jean-Pierre Laffont, Bertrand Laforêt, Jean-Jacques Lapeyronnie, Michel Laurent, François Lochon, Michel Maïofiss, Pascal Maitre, Yves Manciet, Olivier Martel, Georges Mérillon, Pierre Perrin, Jean-Pierre Rey, Sebastiao Salgado, Erik Sampers, Eric Sander, Christian Simonpietri, Laurent Sola, Gilbert Uzan, Laurent Van Der Stockt, Diana Walker.

News on Internet : Esra al Ghamgham

Two contradictory informations on internet

Internet harassment and online threats targeting women

Is abuse and harassement diminishing free speech ?

Online matchmaking businesses in India

The traditional business of marriage has been under serious threat with the rise of websites like,, and others.

Optical fiber

Nearly 30 million French homes have fibre broadband, the remaining 2 million households which cannot be connected economically to the fiber network will have broadband delivered through a combination of satellite, optical fiber and mobile Internet.