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Les tableaux du peintre

Painting news project 


Palm oil lobbies : Emmanuelle Wargon / dunce cap remix

Macron and the lobbies

Le journal du peintre

Les tableaux du peintre

Painting news project 

Mimi Marchand

El arma secreta de los Macron : una ‘paparazzi’ en el elíseo.

Michele Marchand — nicknamed Mimi — the head of Bestimage, one of the country’s most powerful paparazzi photo agencies.

Le fort de Brégançon

Emmanuel Macron wants to turn the old Riviera fort of Brégançon into a Gallic Camp.

He wants a swimming pool to avoid paparazzi.

The estimated €15,000 cost will come from the retreat’s €150,000 annual maintenance budget.

La Cité de la Grande Borne

Macron’s plan for French suburbs slammed as insufficient

Emmanuel Macron faces a wave of strikes and protests in France

The government’s migration plans have triggered disquiet in its ranks.

A lawmaker from Macron’s party, Sonia Krimi, has accused the government of “playing with people’s fears” with its migration reform. “Not all foreigners in France are terrorists, not all foreigners cheat with social welfare,” she said in a parliamentary debate.

Nicolas Hulot, French environment minister on crusade against fossil fuels owns six cars

H18- nicolas hulot


The credibility of Nicolas Hulot




Hero to the rich’: Macron cuts taxes for France’s most wealthy in first budget

Macron accused of fighting for the Rich

La remise en cause du droit du travail en France

Macron’s attack on the labour code .

‘La République en Marche’ in the French National Assembly

The La République En Marche group is a parliamentary group in the National Assembly including representatives of La République en Marche after the 2017 legislative elections .
Pacôme Rupin, Coralie Dubost, Danièle Hérin, and Gilles le Gendre were selected as the group's Vice Presidents.

Emmanuel Macron : the battle to win a parliamentary majority in legislative elections

Macron : the battle to win a parliamentary majority in legislative elections

Macron and the labour law reform

Macron will quickly bring in new changes to France’s labour law, despite the strikes and protests sparked by those already made by the outgoing Socialist government of which he was a member. (From right to left –  Picasso )

Jean-Luc Melanchon 

In a defiant speech to supporters, Melenchon refused to concede defeat before the official count confirmed pollsters’ projections and did not say how he would vote in the next round.