Victim of the Paris attacks : Christophe Lellouche

Christophe Lellouche, 33,  found dead at the Bataclan. He was an Everton supporter and was heavily involved in the French Toffees fan club.

Valeria Solesin victim of Paris terror attacks 

Italian national Valeria Solesin, 28, of Venice, had been living in Paris for the last six years. She was a doctoral student doing research in Demography at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, having previously competed an undergraduate degree in Sociology.

She was killed at the Bataclan concert hall. 

Paris attacks / Ludovic Boumbas murdered 

Hailed as a hero of the Paris massacre, Ludovic (known as Ludo) died after throwing himself in front of a bullet, saving Chloe Clement who is recovering in hospital.