Five charged with murdering transgender sex worker, Vanessa Campos who was reportedly trying to stop a robbery

Vanessa Campos


Le Grand Paris

H18-grand paris


The 38.5 billion euro ($47.89 billion) ‘Grand Paris Express’ development, one of Europe’s biggest infrastructure projects, involves building 200 km (124 miles) of track and 68 stations, and will be key to linking transport hubs and Olympic sites.

Employees of Cyclocity (Velib)

Employees of Cyclocity, a branch of France's advertising group JCDecaux that maintains the 'Velib' bike-sharing system, gather outside the Hotel de Ville in Paris to protest ahead of the decision of the Union Autolib' Vélib' Metropole's bidding commission to select a new provider service '315 workers unemployed'

Gauguin -Parisian bistrot table advertising Paul exhibition in Grand Palais

Table de café avec l'affiche de l'exposition Paul Gauguin, l'alchimiste au Grand Palais à Paris.

Gauguin rue Blanche vers décembre 1887. De gauche à droite: Arnold Koning, Emile Bernard, Vincent van Gogh, André Antoine, Félix Jobbé-Duval, Paul Gauguin.

Photography of Gauguin with possibly Van Gogh.
However, according to a photography expert at Amsterdam’s van Gogh Museum, the picture is not of the famous artist.

The quality of air in Paris

Will limiting traffic access to Paris improve air quality ?

Are the Olympic Games a waste of money ?

The Paris 2024 delegation spent over € 1,5 million in Lima .