Christelle accuses Tariq Ramadan of raping and beating her in his hotel room

The French court rejected Tariq Ramadan’s release request, Tuesday,after new evidence was presented.

Ramadan was asking to be placed under judicial supervision, to be given back his Swiss passport, and to pay bail of €300,000.


Violences gynécologiques

Inappropriate gynaecologists

The arrest of Théo Luhaka in Aulnay-sous-bois

New video show arrest of Théo Luhaka.

French police are regularly accused of using excessive force in poorer neighbourhoods, and particularly against black and minority ethnic suspects.

Catalan government: ‘465 injured by Spanish police violence’ during referendum

Police violence condemned around Europe as Catalans vote in independence referendum

In Grenoble ( France ), a street art mural judged hostile to the police stirs controversy

“The state clubbing Liberty ” French street artist Goin, depicts two armed police officers wielding batons over a woman holding a french flag.

An abortion opponent protests outside Planned Parenthood in St Louis, Missouri 

Anti-abortion violence 

An increasing number of women have abortions experience ‘harassment’ and ‘intrusion’ from pro-life protesters outside clinics.

Violence broke out between police and demonstrators in several French cities on Thursday at protests against planned labour law reforms

A Porsche was set alight in Nantes, western France, by angry protesters demonstrating against a labour bill

The Bloody Battle Over Bullfighting In Southern France: Violence, Protests, Boycotts As Cultures Collide

 Serge Reder, Rodilhan mayor, passive witness to violence against  anti-bullfight activists.