Demonstration against maternity hospital closure in France

The closing of small hospitals and centralisation of services means many women and their families loose the possibility of giving birth close to home.

Le journal du peintre

Internet harassment and online threats targeting women

Is abuse and harassement diminishing free speech ?

Miss Peru

Beauty pageant competitors refuse to list vital statistics during live TV broadcast, instead stating figures on violence against women in Peru.

" My name is Camila Canicoba and I represent the department of Lima. My measurements are: 2,202 cases of femicide reported in the last nine years in my country "

Women across the world protest against sexual harassment

'Squeal on the pigs': French women bombard Twitter with tales of sexual harassment

City of Juarez launches app to keep women safe in fight against disappearances and killings

Hundreds of women disappear in Ciudad Juárez each year. A smartphone app could help.

Poland abortion strike: Thousands of women in over 60 cities refuse to work in protest over restrictive laws

Thousands of people dressed in black protest Poland’s near-total abortion ban

Sexism in the workplace 


The top 10 sexist things that happen to women at work

1 Being expected to make the tea – 43 per cent
2 Enduring sexual innuendos – 38 per cent
3 Having appearance/clothing commented on – 33 per cent
4 Being accused of being pre-menstrual/menstrual – 29 per cent
5 Being presumed less competent than male colleagues – 27 per cent
6 Been joked about in a sexist way – 24 per cent
7 Being paid less than male colleagues for the same job – 19 per cent
8 Being presumed to be more junior than they are – 18 per cent
9 Being spoken over/patronised in meetings – 18 per cent
10 Being expected to keep the office tidy – 17 per cent

Study of 2,000 women, commissioned by Stylist magazine, quizzed women on examples of sexism they had experienced personally at work.