Notre Dame des Landes : France shelves controversial Nantes airport project

France abandons plan for €580m airport and orders squatters off site

Plague in Madagascar

Although the acute phase of the epidemic was declared over by health authorities in late November 2017, plague occurs seasonally in Madagascar, usually between September and April each year.

Tashi Wangshuk

Tibetan activist put on trial in China for inciting separatism.

Tashi had advocated for greater use of Tibetan in education, bemoaning the use of Mandarin for most instruction in classrooms where the majority of students are Tibetan. Many Tibetans view language policies as an attempt by the government to destroy their culture.

Strike movement at Guillaume-Régnier psychiatric hospital in Rennes, France.

Guillaume-Régnier psychiatric hospital in Rennes : protest against ‘the degradation of working conditions’ for personnel and ‘patient reception conditions’.

Nicolas Hulot, French environment minister on crusade against fossil fuels owns six cars

H18- nicolas hulot


The credibility of Nicolas Hulot




Yulia Stepanova, whistle blower

‘Russia’s doping “culture” will take years to change, regardless of the nation’s ban from the Winter Olympics.’ 

Vitaly Stepanov, a former employee of the Russian anti-doping agency RUSADA, who  helped expose massive doping problems in Russia in 2014 with his athlete wife Yulia Stepanova.

French PM Philippe defends €350,000 private flight

FRANCE’S prime minister is facing strong criticism over his decision to spend £310,000 (€350,000) to charter a private jet for a journey that saved him just two hours.

Austrian conservatives bring far right into government

The Freedom party will take control of the defence, interior and foreign ministries while its leader Heinz-Christian Strache, who has warned of Austria’s “Islamification”, will become vice-chancellor.