Charlotte Marchandise

Charlotte Marchandise 

Charlotte Marchandise the candidate of in the 2017 presidential election. Internet users could choose between citizen candidates. But she could not get enough  sponsorships , to compete.

Jean-Luc Melanchon 

In a defiant speech to supporters, Melenchon refused to concede defeat before the official count confirmed pollsters’ projections and did not say how he would vote in the next round.

Blue Pills, rock band.

“Instead of being about itself, the 2000s has been about every other previous decade happening again all at once” (Simon Reynolds / “Retromania: Pop culture’s addiction to its own past.” )

Liz with wearing the Bulgari Emerald Suite

Bulgari Emerald Suite consists of an Emerald Necklace, Emerald and Diamond Pendant, matching set of Earrings, Emerald Ring and a Bracelet. She wore the pendant as a brooch as well. Some of the Emeralds in Taylor’s set were from the Grand Duchess Vladimir in Russia.

The suite was a gift from Richard Burton, her then husband.

La route de la mort  :  RN 79, la Route Centre Europe Atlantique. 

France’s ‘Road of death’. 

In the Saone-et-Loire region, about 340 kilometres (210 miles) southeast of Paris, on a stretch of RN 79 multiple fatal accidents have occurred.

France’s small art cinemas.

L’étoile Cinéma in La Courneuve one of the French ‘art et essais’ movies theaters.

Here is the list of theses cinemas with their sometimes beautiful names

Israel Police Arrest 22 ultra-Orthodox Jews for Sex Crimes Against Minors and Women

Police arrests 22 ultra-Orthodox suspected of sex crimes

Israel Becoming a ‘Refuge for Pedophiles,’ Warns Advocate for Child Sex Abuse Victims ?